Exploring the World Through Food

We believe that the greatest way to get to know a place or culture is through food.

Being foreigners in a new place, the best way to mingle with locals is while eating or drinking. It’s at mealtimes that you get an insight into their way of life and can truly get a feel for the people.

Food is a unifier. We may not speak the same language, but we all need to eat. It’s when bonding over a fundamental human need that we realize we’re not so different after all.

With that said, Global Gluttons doesn’t always focus on the newest and trendiest spots in a city. We’re looking for authentic and traditional experiences. If a local won’t eat there, neither will we!

From street food to Michelin-starred establishments, we love it all. Food is our passion and seeking out the best food the world has to offer is our favorite pastime.


In March of 2017 we sold the majority of our belongings and packed our bags for a trip that never ended. It’s been almost 3 years of nonstop travel and we have no intentions of stopping anytime soon!

Where We've Been


Travel Style

As long-term travelers, we tend to stay in places for at least a month at a time. Anything less tends to be exhausting as we are working and living “normal” lives in each place that we visit. And let’s be real, traveling is tiring!

Living the “slow-mad” lifestyle (yes, that’s a thing), we tend to really get a feel for what it’s like to live in a city – which we love!

We have the luxury of spending longer periods of time in a place and therefore get at least 30 days of an itinerary to fill. That means we explore a little bit of everything because that’s what we enjoy. We know we really fall in love with a city if that doesn’t feel like enough time!

Although we do usually have the time, we’re not the type of travelers to visit all the touristy spots in a city. That’s not to say we won’t visit them, we just tend to favor authentic experiences over what the guidebooks say.

However, I will say, we’re suckers for good museums, beautiful parks, and of course, incredible food!


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